How To Fix Your Bowling Timing And Release By MDM Bowling Coaching

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How To Fix Late Bowling Timing

Timing is the most important factor in whether someone has a good or bad release. We use the term timing to describe the relationship between a bowler’s footwork and swing during their approach. Most bowlers who have an issue with consistent release have what is called “late timing”: when the bowler’s feet are at the foul line before the swing reaches the line. Everyone is different and ideal timing can vary person to person but most people want to strive for timing that is a little late – when the bowler reaches the foul line but the ball is just behind their slide foot ankle.

How Do You Know If Your Bowling Timing Is Late?

Symptoms of late timing include: pulling the bowling ball, missing target left, ball sticking on thumb, and “chicken winging”. What I have personally seen over five years of coaching, is that either the first step in the approach is too big or the bowler is too close to the foul line in their set up. If you think your timing is late, try adjusting where you start on the approach or the size of your first step. Working with an experienced coach is the best and fastest way to achieve results because every person is different. #protipfriday #mdmcoaching


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