Hook Your Bowling Ball More With Less Effort By MDM Bowling Coaching

How Do The Pro’s Hook The Ball So Effortlessly

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If you look at your bowling ball as the earth, the middle of your grip all the way around is the equator. Your fingers should be close to or under the equator of the bowling ball at the point of release. This position creates proper leverage. Because your hand is facing your target, it also supports a more consistent release towards it. The professionals work the inside of the ball this way to create maximum leverage with minimal effort. When your hand is on the outside of the bowling ball, you have “less ball” to create power. If you want to increase rev rate without muscling, your hand needs to behind and under the bowling ball at the point of release.

Work Your Hand On The Inside Of The Bowling Ball

I’ve noticed that a lot of bowlers who average between 150 and 190 have their hand on the outside of the ball. Because their hand is coming out of the ball prematurely, they hang up, stick, or grab. A lot of times when I’m working with students who are struggling to understand what I’m talking about, I’ll do drills. First, I tell them to start at the ball return and envision using their hand to throw a back-up ball. 90% of the time after they are done with this drill, their hand is in the proper leveraged position. Next, I’ll have them throw a back up ball at the line with a no-step or one-step drill to reinforce the right position.

Be careful if you do these drills because it is easy to grab the ball, which could lead to injury. I’d recommend starting slow and easy and working your way up. Sometimes, I’ll have my students do the ball return drill without even having their thumb in the ball. If you have tried this for 3-4 weeks and you’re not getting results, focus on staying behind the ball with your fingers under the equator. I always recommend working with an experienced coach when you’re trying to change something and that’s especially true if you have physical concerns.


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