Finger Inserts & Thumb Slugs Explained


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Today in the Coaching Corner, we take a look at finger inserts and thumb slugs.

Why To Use Finger Inserts Or Grips In Your Bowling Ball

Finger inserts offer a tacky surface that helps your fingers apply lift and turn to the bowling ball. They also help to protect your fingers from the wear and tear on your skin when releasing the ball. They come in a variety of sizes to match any bowler’s hand as well as a variety of awesome colors.

Finger inserts also come in different styles that give the user a different feel in the ball. Two common cuts of finger inserts are the standard-oval cut and the flat-edge cut.

Benefits Of Using A Thumb Slug (Insert)

Thumb slugs became popular in the 1980s and 90s when different densities and textures were introduced to the inside of the bowling ball. Slugs offer a consistent feel inside the thumb hole, from top to bottom, as well as a consistent feel from one ball to the next. Thumb slugs come in the same variety of colors as finger inserts.

While thumb slugs permanently are in the ball once installed, finger inserts should be changed regularly to ensure the best performance.

Do the inserts in your ball feel hard or mis-shaped? If so, it’s time for a stop at your local pro shop.


3 thoughts on “Finger Inserts & Thumb Slugs Explained

  1. Jerry Neilan says:

    I use finger grips Slugs not but what every bowler should know is if u use them the warranty on your bowling ball is void. As an ex proprietor and ball driller you should let the people know this. I have seen too many bowling balls cracked because of this and the average bowler does not want to spend $200 or $300 dollars on a ball and have it crack. Manufacturers need to cover this but they don’t.

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