900 Global Tour Rep Day 3 – The USBC Masters

Global 900 Tour Rep USBC Masters Syracuse, NY 2018:

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Day 3

Today is the 2nd of 3 days of qualifying. The squads rotate when they bowl. The first day the squads went A, B, C. On the 2nd day the squads bowled B, C, A. This is to ensure all squads bowl on fresh twice and burn once.

B squad played tighter than practice but not as tight as A squad in the morning on the first day. B squad this morning played the lanes even further left on the fresh than C squad fresh last night. A good majority of the bowlers started at 19-20. So, by the end of the first squad, the bowlers were playing 5th arrow at the end of the 5th and final game of the block. B squad scores were higher than A squad scores yesterday. 900 Global international staffer Ramon Hilferink bowled +130 this morning to get to +69 overall and back inside the cut line. We drilled a Truth Tour for the morning block and it rolled perfectly. The Truth Tour is a great fresh oil ball, as it has a strong cover and a very smooth rolling core.

Like yesterday, the 2nd squad, which is C squad from first day, is not stripped and oiled. This is also known as the burn squad. Because of how far left B squad finished in the morning, C squad was going to be a tough lower scoring squad. And it was. 900 Global staffers Chris Barnes and Anthony Lavery-Spahr bowled +78 and +35 respectively. Chris actually moved up in the standings with +78 for his squad. Both Chris and Anthony used the new Badger for much of their block.

A squad had a tough time overall tonight. The lanes just never developed like B squad did this morning. This squad doesn’t have the rev rate like the other two squads do so the lanes never really broke down in a consistent manner from pair to pair. Overall the scores were lower tonight.

The cut after the first day was +31. After day two it only went up 16 pins to +47. I personally don’t believe the cut line will reach +70 after day 3. I believe it will boil down to how C squad plays them in the morning that will dictate what A squad does on the burn squad that will really dictate what the cut score gets to. If C squad plays them pretty far left on the fresh in the morning, it will make the burn squad very difficult to score for A.


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