A Simple Tip For Making The 10 Pin or 7 Pin In Bowling By John Gaines

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A Simple Tip For Knocking Down The 10 Pin Or 7 Pin

There are many physical or equipment options for picking up the 10 pin or 7 pin for lefthanders. Standing in the correct part of the lane and using the correct targets past the foul line are part of the technique. Being square to your intended target line and not the lane are part of the physical options. Using a plastic ball instead of a reactive ball is an equipment option. Visualization can be one of the most effective ways of making any spare, especially the 10 or 7 pin.

Use Visualization To Help You Make Your Spares

Visualize yourself making the spare before you even shoot it. Once on the approach, look at the target pin and draw a line from the pin, back through your target, to your feet. What does that angle look like? Align your feet and hips square to that target line. Once you visualize that target path, it will become easier for you to execute the delivery to make that spare. Once you have visualized yourself making the spare, see the intended target line, square the feet and hips to that target line, take a relaxing breath to shake out any tension in the muscles, and execute.

One thought on “A Simple Tip For Making The 10 Pin or 7 Pin In Bowling By John Gaines

  1. walter woelfel says:

    Most everything was great,but why give them the option of using a plastic ball? Any good bowler can flatten out their wrist,put no lift on it and the most, most hooking balls around it will only hook with the side weight on the dry. And at 17-20 mph that won’t happen

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