Proper Bowling Form At The Foul Line In The Finishing Position By MDM Bowling Coaching

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Your Bowling Finish Position And How To Improve It

Foul Line Bowling Drills Will Help Your Finish Position

If you’re not balanced when you’re releasing the bowling ball, you probably won’t hit your target. Drills can help you work on components of your game and develop the muscle memory necessary to repeat shots when they count.

I was working with a beginner bowler this week. When he released the bowling ball, he was crouched over at the foul line with his non-bowling hand touching his slide knee, causing him to fall off balance. We did foul line drills to help him understand what it feels like to release the ball correctly.

What Foul Line Drill Will Help With Your Bowling Finishing Position

  1. Bend his knee at the foul line

  2. Get his non-bowling arm out to the side for balance

  3. Swing the bowling ball a few times, and then release it. 

After 6-7 times, he was feeling more confident and we integrated this finish position in to his approach.

He went from hitting his target 3 out of 10 times in a game to hitting it 8 out of 10 times within a one hour period. After this lesson, I’m very confident that he’ll be shooting well above his average moving forward. What drills do you use regularly to improve your game? #protipfriday #mdmcoaching


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