The Trail Leg In The Bowling Slide By MDM Bowling Coaching

The Trail (Non-Sliding) Leg Serves An Important Role in Balance.

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As we’ve discussed before, balance supports consistency and shot repeatability. The optimal way for most people to utilize their trail leg is to keep it on the ground from the start of the slide to the end of the slide. Ideally, the trail leg knee will end up tucked behind the slide knee. Doing that means the trail leg foot goes to the opposite side of the bowling swing, acting as a counterweight to the ball.

If you feel like you’re throwing the ball well but 1 out of 5 shots are off-balance, it’s usually a sign that your trail leg could use some work. Additionally, if you grab or muscle the ball, your trail leg tends to go up in the air more quickly, causing you to fall off balance.

You can do one step slide drills to work on engaging your trail leg correctly. Focus on dragging that trail leg and tucking one knee behind the other while sliding. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and some people are able to stay balanced and be successful utilizing their trail leg differently. However, this is a good place to start if you haven’t worked on it before. #protipfriday #mdmcoaching

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