Top 10 Best Hybrid Bowling Balls of 2019 Video Review by Bowler’s Rant

What were the Top 10 Best Hybrid Bowling Balls of 2019?

Whats is happening bowlers? Chris beans here with bowlers rant, and today we are looking at the Top 10 Hybrid Bowling balls of 2019. So to help us with this decision, we have 4 categories we look at, they are the same categories we used in the other videos. They are:

  • Design Intent
  • Shelf Appeal
  • Popularity
  • Versatility

Of course everybody wants to know who is going to be #1, so were gonna get right into the list and find out.

#10 - Track Tactix Hybrid Bowling Ball

Coming in at #10, the Track Tactix Hybrid.

This is a symmetrical hybrid,
500/1000/polish, had the QR-9 hybrid cover, the starship core.

Overall a very good looking ball with a really nice ball motion.

#9 - Columbia 300 Baller Bowling Ball

Coming in at #9, the Columbia 300 Baller.

This ball is an asymmetrical hybrid released last year, really has amazing shelf appeal and in my opinion a very under rated ball motion.

Clean but authoritative off the pattern, was great for house and sport shot.

#8 - Roto Grip Halo Vision Bowling Ball

Coming in at #8 the Roto Grip Halo Vision.

Also asymmetric, this ball had probably one of the best shelf appeal designs of last year. The pour on this ball was amazing. The Centrum core in this ball is also absolutely outstanding in terms of motion.

This ball was also stupid strong and came with surface so was awesome for first game on house shot or use for heavier
volumes where needed.

#7 - Hammer Statement Hybrid Bowling Ball

OK Coming in at #7 the Hammer Statement Hybrid bowling ball.

This is an asymmetric piece that was 500/1000/polish, Aggression Hybrid CFI Cover, and the reknown statement core.

The ball also came with very nice shelf appeal, the logo really sticks out, was highly praised for versatility and was very tunable with surface.

#6 - Storm All Road Bowling Ball

Coming in at #6, the Storm All-Road bowling ball.

This is basically a Nano Hybrid Hyroad which made a lot of people very happy. Nano is known for blending wet/dry, has a noted shape, and this ball was very popular when released.

Ok so now we move into the Top 5 Hybrids of 2019, which is where we start to see what really shined in the year, here we go!

#5 - Motiv Forge Fire Bowling Ball

Coming in at #5 the Motiv Forge Fire bowling ball.

This symmetrical hybrid was absolutely outstanding and provided a really amazing ball motion on the lane. Combined with the shelf appeal Motiv is known for, this ball had the Infusion Hybrid Reactive cover with a low RG and high differential design.

Very versatile and one of the best for 2019.

#4 - Ebonite Futara Bowling Ball

Coming in at #4, the Ebonite Futura bowling ball.

This symmetrical masterpiece had the GSV-1 cover paired with the Futura HD Core. This ball had really amazing shelf appeal, the core design was just as equally outstanding with a 2.48rg and a .053 differential. With a surface of 500/2000, this ball was perfect for a variety of bowling conditions.

Worthy to note, this ball was insanely popular.

#3 - Radical Conspiracy Hybrid Bowling Ball

Ok we are making our way down the list, coming in at #3, the Radical Conspiracy Hybrid bowling ball.

This ball has an asymmetric design, has that stop and look at me shelf appeal, was wildly popular and in addition, came with a little shine and Dynamicore, which increases hitting power by up to 12%.

The Forged 2 hybrid cover combined with the Conspiracy Asymmetric Core made this ball a go-to in leagues and tournament in 2019.

#2 - Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball

Coming in at #2, the Storm Phaze III bowling ball.

This ball was a late comer in December of 2019, had the very popular R3S Hybrid cover, this ball has absolutely dynamite shelf appeal, the core in this ball is the Velocity core…which makes this ball look like it speeds up when it comes off the pattern.

This ball is easily used in both sport shot and house shot, is probably one of the strongest symmetrical hybrids ever…really a boomerang to put it mildly, combined with popularity and versatility makes this ball the runner up in 2019.

Ok, we are down to the #1 Hybrid Bowling Ball of 2019!

#1 - Brunswick Prism Hybrid Bowling Ball

I’m going to catch some malarkey for this one, but the Bowler’s Rant 2019 Hybrid bowling ball of the Year in the #1 spot is the Brunswick Prism Hybrid bowling ball.

This is easily the best ball Brunswick has made in years. It’s stupid good looking, has really unique shelf appeal. The Prism Hybrid as the Activator Compositve Technology Hybrid Cover, has the Portal Core, which is very futuristic looking, and the shape this ball provides is very distinguishable.

The ball is fantastic on sport shot, house shot, pretty much can handle anything within reason, and was very surface adjustable. Of all the balls on this list, this is the only ball I never heard one complaint about and nothing but good reviews. Great looks, Dynamicore, versatility and performance make this ball the 2019 Bowler’s Rant Hybrid bowling ball of the Year.

What do you think about this list? Do you own any of these pieces? If so, how are they working for you? What layout did you go with? Drop me a comment and let’s continue the conversation. More updates are coming, and until then, bowl well.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Hybrid Bowling Balls of 2019 Video Review by Bowler’s Rant

  1. Rafael Ongjoco says:

    Interesting list but I always get overwhelmed by the choices and what would work for me. I’m a stroker and don’t have much revs and speed. I have the statement hybrid asymmetrical. I’m not sure what the layout is since I just ask my proshop guy to drill it aggressively. I liked the way it’s performing and has improved my avg this year but 10pins. How important is the layout and what should I be looking for? I’ve just been starting to understand PAP and layout but I keep getting confused and I’m back to square one…

  2. Terry L Crain says:

    Was going to buy the conspiracy but needed it in 14lbs. Because of some health concerns. So bought a hammer from a friend. Was really looking forward to trying that ball. Hopefully I’ll be around to get a new ball next year.

  3. Terry L Crain says:

    Really wanted to try the conspiracy but needed a 14lb ball the company didn’t have one so ended up buying a ball from a friend. Due to a health condition i have to have a 14lb. Ball maybe next year i can get one,if I’m still able to bowl . Great place told my brother and nephew about you and both bought balls from you.

  4. Larry says:

    I bought the marvel about three years ago , loved it, then I bought the phase- 11- I just bought the phase 111- only used it once, bowled four games, the last two were 225, and 230, I love this ball already.

  5. Ted Mullaney says:

    My wife gifted me the Prism hybrid. She bought it from for a super low price. Haven’t had a chase to use it due to the Corvid19 crisis.
    The reason that this ball was on my wish list. Was because how excited the reviewers got when they used this ball. It also had the qualities that I have been looking for. Hits like a truck, Versatile oil pattern use. I will update once I have had a chance to bowl with it.

  6. Charles Johnson says:

    I have the Roto Grip Halo Vision and the Ebonite Futura. Both good balls. But in my opinion, the Hammer Web Tour Edition Hybrid, which I also have is the best in my Hybrid balls, not even on the list!?

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