Top 5 Best Pearl Bowling Balls of 2019 Video Review

What were the best Top 5 pearl Bowling Balls of 2019?

What is crackin’ bowlers Chris beans here with bowlers rant and today we were looking at the Top Five Pearl bowling balls of 2019. Yes that’s right, this was a fierce category. We had a ton of entries from a plethora of different brands and to help us narrow this down we looked at four different criteria ;

  • Design Intent
  • Shelf Appeal
  • Popularity
  • Versatility

So we’ve narrowed it down to our top five bowling balls plus an honorable mention. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

#5 - 900 Global money badger Bowling Ball

Coming in at #5 the 900 Global Money Badger bowling ball.

This was an asymmetric pearl that they offered. It was a two piece ball so there was no filler material. It hits like a truck, had a ton of shelf appeal, I really like the pour on this one. Just really really looks nice on the rack.

It had a ton of versatility, you could use it on sport pattern, you can use it on a house pattern, and it was very responsive to surface changes. A lot of the hi rev guys just knocked the shine off that 1500-grit polish, and there were a ton of honor scores when this thing was released. Pretty much this was a go-to ball, you pull it out and throw it right (for right-handed bowlers) it took a sharp left turn and just kept going and did not stop. Very good bowling ball release for 2019.

#4 - Roto Grip Halo Pearl Bowling Ball

Coming in at #4 the Roto Grip Halo Pearl.

This was an absolute monster and a follow up to the original Halo which had nano in the blend. This ball was eTrax-P18 straight up reactive resin Pearl. So a couple of notes here it’s an asymmetric pearl, low RG so it revved up in the mid lane and gave you a nice sweeping arc in the back.

Outside of the pin carry that this bowling ball gave you once it hit, it had outstanding shelf appeal, really looked good, love the design. This ball also had the Centrum core which looked like a blend of a Rav 4 core from the Storm bowling balls but also the nucleus core from the cell ball. this ball you pick it up, you threw it, it was an absolute house shot killer.

#3 - brunswick melee jab s.e. Bowling Ball

Coming in at #3, the Brunswick Melee Jab SE which stands for special editio.

This is a follow up to the original melee jab. This ball was a low RG symmetrical Pearl at Savvy Hook 2.0 pearl coverstock and this was a ball that did not over react to the dry, but still gave you a ton of punch to the back. With a great looking ball you know deep bruise Pearl, and it had that amazing melee core which also had dynamic around it that gave you 12% more hitting power.

Also cool about this bowling ball was Mika Koivuniemi really raved about this on Facebook. He says and I quote, “I don’t usually get excited about any bowling ball but this Brunswick Melee Jab SE is special. Never seen this reaction in Brunswick ball. if you were looking clean and strong continues backend with great pin reaction, this is it! Best Brunswick ball I have ever thrown.” And it’s also worth a note that Tommy Jones used it when he won the Bowlero Elite Series of 2019

#2 - Hammer Black Widow Pink Bowling Ball

OK coming in at #2 is the Hammer Black Widow Pink bowling ball.

This ball looks amazing, outstanding shelf appeal but it also had outstanding design intent. So this had the Aggression pearl CFI cover that it stands for carbon fiber infused and they paired it with the gas mask core.

If you’ve ever thrown a Black Widow you know that the gas mask or has a very specific motion attached to it and it’s one of the iconic cores of all time. People, especially strokers who didn’t have a ton of hand, could pick one of these up throw it in and provided that they had some friction, they could score.

So this was runner up for best Pearl bowling ball of 2019 from Bowler’s Rant.

Alright Bowlers, it is Time for the Number One Best Pearl Bowling Ball of 2019

#1 - Storm IQ Tour Emerald Bowling Ball

It is the Storm IQ Tour Emerald. I mean, when you look at this thing from a shelf appeal perspective, it is fantastic. The pour is good, the logo was good, the sparkles are good, this smells good! I mean this thing just looks amazing on the rack. Very popular you know a lot of people were buying these in bundles and by the case and now you can use it with pin up you can use with pin down.

In terms of versatility, sport shot, house shot, any shot, pick your shot, you’re off to the races provided you’re on the right kind of condition. And of course the design intent, you’re pairing the C3 Centripetal Control core with the R2S pearl reactive cover. When you put those two things together you get length, control, and pop. It’s the Holy Grail, the trifecta of all things you would ever want in a Pearl bowling ball.

So those four categories make this ball the 2019 Pearl bowling ball of the year at bowlers rant.

honorable mention - radical conspiracy theory

OK and of course no list would be complete without an honorable mention. This year the honorable mention is the Radical Conspiracy Theory bowling ball.

This is a great looking ball, had great sparkles, really nice swirls, the logo sticks out. So it has a ton of shelf appeal. I’ve got one sitting on my shelf and I’m not gonna lie, I like throwing it. It does also have some really cool technology so it had TP1 cover that stands for texture Pearl one. It’s kind of like their particle Pearl I think the legend himself, Mo Pinel, calls it fuzzy Pearl. So this is the honorable mention for 2019.

So do you own any of these bowling balls? And if so, what layouts did you choose and how do you like them on the house or the sport shot? Drop me a comment, let me know and let’s continue the conversation. More updates are coming and until then, Bowl Well!

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Pearl Bowling Balls of 2019 Video Review

  1. James David Lee says:

    My grandson is 9 years old he had one game over 200 (208). I bought Him the Storm IQ Peal about 2 month he got approx. 15 games over 200 high 234 and High set 593. It is a great ball for all ages.

  2. Larry L. Brooks says:

    For the last six weeks I have been rolling six hundreds this past week at my house I ran into heavy oil and it was not nice the ball would not move

  3. Bill Schondel says:

    Been bowling a long time. Want to create a simple arsenal for league bowling. Would phase II and hyroad pearl be good start. Senior bowler, @14-15 mph, too much hand.

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