Hard Work & Bowling Lessons Paying Off For Makoto By MDM Bowling Coaching

Bowling Lessons From Mike Moore For Makoto

Makoto and his coworkers started bowling during their lunch break on Fridays. At the time, he was a true novice to the sport and was happy to even break 100. Makoto realized pretty quickly that it would make financial sense to buy his own shoes and, later, got curious about bowling ball technology. That’s when he met Mike. They discussed the benefits of taking some lessons and started working together on a regular basis. They began with the basics of footwork and timing and progressed from there.

In less than a year, Makoto went from consistently shooting less than 100 to being able to break 200. Within two years of working with Mike and practicing regularly, he now averages over 170 in league and keeps besting his high score (currently 254!). #mdmcoaching

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