The Time Parker Bohn III Lost His Cool – Bowling Memoirs of Johnny Petraglia

For those of you that have watched Parker Bohn bowl, you know he’s one of the greatest of all time. He just won his 35th PBA title, passing Mark Roth. As well as Parker is bowling, and as good of shape as he’s in, I think he still has a shot to pass Earl Anthony who has 41. For those of you who know Parker, you know he’s a better person than he is a bowler. He always goes the extra mile for everybody. He’s very involved in charity, especially for the handicapped and kids. Parker doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and doesn’t curse. Publically or privately. I’ve never seen him lose his temper on the lanes. He’s such a good guy, I’ll give an example of his personality even in the little things. Parker and I live 5 minutes apart. When hurricane Sandy hit we lost power for a week. Parker has a generator, I don’t. Every morning at 7am the doorbell would ring. I would open the door and there would be a thermos of coffee and Parker would already be gone. So we have here the perfect guy. HOWEVER everybody has their breaking point.

A few years ago Parker and I were invited to play in Yogi Berra’s celebrity golf tournament to raise money for charity. The group Parker was in was two holes behind mine. As I got to the tenth tee there was a tent set up with Prince written on it. Prince tennis racquets were trying to get into the golf business. They had 12 drivers to try. They would ask, “How tall you are…how much loft do you use in your driver?”. Then they would find the driver suited for you. The longest drive would win one of the new Prince drivers. When they asked me I said, “Just give me a lefty driver.” The Prince rep said, “Oh, we don’t have a lefty driver.” I then asked, “What happens if I really catch one off the tee and win the longest drive? What are you going to do, give me a righty driver?”. He said, “Oh, you can’t win the longest drive unless you’re using a Prince driver.” Incredible!! Next to the tent is a lady sitting at a table. You’re supposed to tell her what you think. With a very embarrassed look she says, “Would you like to say anything?”I said, “Yes…you can tell your boss unless he makes a lefty driver you will be the golf company FORMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE!!!.” She saw the connection and got the joke and laughed.

We play the 10th hole, and the 11th hole comes back toward the 10th tee. As I approach the 11th green, I see Parker on the 10th tee. We’re about 30 yards apart and the Prince rep is telling Parker the same thing he told me. All of a sudden Parker yells loud enough for me to hear,


Later on in the locker room, I said to him, “Parker you not only lost your temper, you said shit!!!”. He said, “That really pissed me off.” Ever since then whenever I lose my temper and get mad at myself for losing it, I remind myself, even Parker Bohn got mad ONCE!

I love you Buddy

cento anni’… Johnny Petraglia

10 thoughts on “The Time Parker Bohn III Lost His Cool – Bowling Memoirs of Johnny Petraglia

  1. Walter Grzybowski says:

    I know parker since he was a teenager and usto bowl against him his dad sister mom and Never heard him say or do anything crazy accept 1 time he invited me to play golf with him and a group of guys from the tour killing time between squads.and he explained that if ya didn’t get the ball past the ladies tee there was something ya had to do.i was embarrased.but we had a great time all in fun.

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  3. Steve Anderson says:

    I met Parker years ago at a tournament and he IS one of the NICEST pros I met—wouldn’t say
    _ _ I T
    if he had a mouthful!

    Oops… guess THAT’s not entirely true!

  4. Terence Z says:

    I only met Parker once but he is as genuine as they come. He took time to say hi to a few of us 40 Frame finalists in Vegas when he was in town for a PBA tournament. Thanks for being real and talking with me and my family even though you had no idea who I was and could’ve just walked by after I said hello and asked for a photo. Keep bowling well and being a true champion!

  5. Lefty fan from Europe says:

    Love your posts! Such nice reads….and of course especially this item I can relate to even more being a lefty myself.

    Keep up making this great blog! :)


    It is all right, Parker. We are all human beings. You and Johnny Petraglia are the greatest consistent bowlers I have ever experienced in seeing you guys on the ABC and ESPN Pro Bowlers Tour. Johnny Petraglia I know you do a lot for the War Veterans. I am a former Special Education Student and I give a lot to the Special Education advocacy programs and the Special Olympics. My Wife and I are Special Olympics Athletes as well in New Jersey. There ought to be a lot more Athletes like you and Parker Bohn.

    Stephen Coston
    Mont vale, NJ

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