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Storm Phaze
Storm’s newest introduction, the Phaze, features innovation in both the core and coverstock materials, giving users the latest in performance ball motion. storm_phaze_image_1x1__57025.1450904681.1280.1280 (1)Storm’s newest core, the Velocity core shape, offers users a supercharged Master line ball motion. Taking over for the Marvel series, Phaze gives users a medium rg, medium-high differential option in a symmetric core shape. This core shape features a 2.48 rg, paired with a .051 differential for strong midlane motion. Storm’s layered the Phaze with a new AX-16 pearl reactive cover that alters the surface texture to create more traction in the backend. This gives Phaze a quick change of direction at the breakpoint, for bigger entry angle and better pin carry. The box surface at 1500 polished also pushes the Phaze long through the front of the lane on nearly any lane condition. For strong roll and huge backend motion, take a look at the new Storm Phaze. Phaze comes in a unique blue/yellow/orange swirl combination, along with a lemon tart scent, and is available now at

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