Motiv Paranoia Video Bowling Ball Review From

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Motiv Paranoia –
Get freaked out with big skid/flip ball motion from the new Motiv Paranoia. The Paranoia features a new Oblivion core shape, which introduces Motiv’s first ever dual density core system to the bowling market. This medium rg, medium differential core system offers users quick change in direction without sacrificing backend control. Paired up with a new Agitator Pearl reactive coverstock, the Paranoia blends wet/dry conditions while giving users plenty of entry angle to the pins. kl_1Finished off with a 5500 laser scan polished finish, the Paranoia is long through the front of the lane, and quick to move in the backend. Users should be able to open up medium to lighter oil conditions with the new Paranoia. Paranoia comes in a purple pearl polished look, with neon green logos. The new Motiv Paranoia, available March 9th from

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