AMF Escape Video Bowling Ball Review From

AMF has their strongest core shape with a super aggressive shell built in to the new Escape.AMF has a new answer for bowlers looking for midlane motion, and more backend hook.Introducing the AMF Escape.Escape was designed to provide a strong midlane read and continuation down lane. To do this, AMF’s designers wrapped the Continuous Flow Technology™ core with an F74 hybrid shell. With the shell finished off with a NEAT “T” 4,000 grit finish, Escape provides strength for medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The Escape will handle higher volumes of oil than the Unreal™ and provide more midlane motion than the Pure™.This sharp looking black and blue pearl combination comes with yellow logos.The AMF Escape, one of the strongest balls AMF has ever introduced!Get your AMF Escape now from

Check out the new AMF Escape bowling ball from

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