Hammer Force Mens Bowling Shoes From BowlersMart.com

Hammer High Performance Bowling Shoes

Hammer went all out in designing their first pair of high-performance, interchangeable bowling shoes. Biomechanical contouring was used in the engineering of this shoe. Since the foot is asymmetrical and curved with a natural, angled flex zone this shoe was designed with that in mind.


The biomechanical contour and innovative flex bars of the shoe combine with the natural movement of the foot to provide superior flexibility, comfort, and function. This design and so many other details, features, and extras make this shoe the shoe to have for all serious bowlers.

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Look at all these features!

STA-DRY™ Open Mesh tongue and collar for maximum breathability
Thermal Poly-Urethane (TPU) outsole that is extremely flexible
Minimal break-in time required
Interchangeable slide pads and heels on both shoes
Biomechanically engineered for ultimate comfort and performance
Innovative H-Bar* heel locking system
Genuine Clarino® #8 white microfiber slide pad
Ortholite® 3D Deluxe Insole for maximum breathability and cushioning
Included on shoes:9953.2.alt.large
SP-8 white microfiber slide pad, T03 rubber push off sole,
H-5 graduated rubber heel and H-2 shark tooth heel
Included in the box:
SP-10 grey felt slide pad, SP-6 perforated white microfiber slide pad,
H-7 black leather heel, Dura-Flexx shoe cover, Hammer branded accessory bag, and an extra pair of laces

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