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At Storm Bowling, the pinnacle of our endgame is born of a sprawling development process that spans almost every discipline of our team. From time to time, it can seem like we’re guarded about our work. We keep our cards close to our vest. Our factory is a safe place where our team can take risks and innovate and make discoveries that lead us down the path to a ball that’s truly worthy of your passion and enthusiasm. Then, there are those special moments when we can pull the curtain and show you what we’ve been creating. One of those moments is right now with this new Storm Bowling Ball.

WE’RE BACK IN BLACKcodeblack__94281-1476227222-1280-1280

Clad in fresh resin and armed with a brilliant finish, we retraced some of our steps with the Code Black. While eerily familiar, those steps felt strange and new. Radial Accelerating Disk technology dates back several generations with hints of it that can be found in the RAD4 Core. It features an extremely dense modified disc shape that generates substantial torque. So much torque, it reigns supreme at the top of the Premier line with a differential higher than any other ball in its class.

R2S coverstock material is synonymous with the Storm name. Found on some of the most successful balls in recent history, R2S glides through the early part of the lane with the most dynamic breakpoint shape found in today’s modern game. When primed at 1500-grit polished, the shape the Code Black creates is nothing short of that unmistakable Storm backend charge. As with all asymmetricals, be sure to refer to Storm’s Lightning Strikes drilling guide featuring the Pin Buffer Layout System to ensure the desired ball motion with this masterpiece.

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