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Global 900 Bowling Balls From BowlersMart.com

Globals “Truth uses a new cover and core and is great when you need a little more traction in oil.” ~ Andrew Adler – BowlersMart

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900 Global’s symmetric version of the Adaptor core is featured in their new introduction, the Truth. #truth. 900 Global is back with a new medium to heavy oil symmetric core introduction. The new Truth utilizes the Adaptor core paired up with the S74R solid Coverstock, also found on the Inception. By changing the core properties between the Inception and the Truth,

900 Global has created two entirely different ball motions while using the same core shape and Coverstock material. This gives users a wide range of ball motion options. Truth will match up best on medium to heavy oil, when the backends are still fresh. As carrydown occurs and you move further inside, the Inception will be the ball to go to when you need to turn the corner.

Coverstock: S74R Solid

Core: Adaptor/CTM Symmetric

Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Pad 9

00Global Tier: Prime Series

Flare Potential: 5-6″

RG 2.48

Diff .055

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