Columbia 300 Sideswipe Solid Bowling Ball Video Review

learn about the Columbia 300 sideswipe solid bowling ball

Introducing the Columbia 300 sideswipe  solid bowling ball

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The Sideswipe emerged as an early favorite as it weaved from lane to lane. Its length, with mid lane and backend predictability, was a staple in every tournament bowler’s bag. The new Sideswipe Solid offers the same great predictability, with more overall hook for longer oil patterns and higher volumes of oil. Get ready to sideswipe the competition on your way to victory.e

– Coverstock: Bend-It Solid

– Factory Finish 500/1000/3000 AbralonTM

– Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.50

– Differential (Diff): .041

– Brand: Columbia 300

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Out of stock

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