Storm Timeless Bowling Ball Video Review

Stand the Test of Time
Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

In sport, the timeless concept has a few meanings. One refers to the athlete. Many Hall of Fame bowlers have solid fundamentals in timing and balance which has stood up over time, often winning title upon title for severale decades. Another reference of timeless can be in the equipment and its design. No matter what the sport, when you stick with proven fundamentals, you will never go wrong!

The Time is Now

A revolutionary ball in collaboration with Jason Belmonte the reigning three-time PBA Player of the Year. Timeless is the first release in our all-new Signature Line, an unprecedented and versatile series focusing on one-of-a-kind products. The Timeless features the unparalleled Dual-Drive weight block and superior R2S coverstock. The combination of these unique attributes gives the ball a fast-revving benefit like the !Q Tour with the hitting power of the Hy-Road.

An Industry First

The inception of the Dual-Drive was born of a sprawling development process that has spanned years. This could not be achieved without placing a weight block of specific size and shape inside of another weight block. The outer weight block incorporates strategically placed geometric shapes that, in conjunction with the inner weight block, establishes a new standard in bowling ball motion – faster revving action with a higher level of energy transfer at the pins.

Weight Block: Dual Drive

Cover: R2S Hybrid Factory

Finish: 1500 Grit Polished

Flare Potential: High

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.57

Differential (Diff): .050

Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): N/A

Fragrance: Aromatherapy – Citrus

Color: Blue Solid/Platinum & Black Pearls

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