Top Ten Best Women’s Physical Games ( 1 – 5 )

By Michael Cousins

Yesterday, we began our list of the ten greatest physical games that the women’s game has ever seen.

To say this was difficult would be quite the understatement, as the women’s game has some of the very best, fundamentally sound physical games in all of bowling, men’s or women’s.

That being said, we did our best to try and narrow it down to just ten names.

Most of the names in our top five, you’ll have likely heard of, but, as always, if you haven’t, I implore you to YouTube them for yourself. These ladies can flat out bowl!

Some honorable mentions that just missed out on our list include:

Brenda (Norman) Mack: smooth, simple, text book style, with an unassuming amount of power.

Michelle Feldman: In her prime, she arguably had the most powerful strike ball in the Women’s game.

Shannon Pluhowski: One of the best arm swings bowling has ever seen.

Now, onto the remaining top five:

5) Jazreel Tan: My personal favorite modern physical game. In my opinion, her fundamentals are flawless. Truly. She doesn’t have the highest rev rate on tour, but she has plenty enough power to move in and circle it when she needs to.

4) Lisa Wagner: In my opinion, the best arm swing women’s bowling has ever seen. In addition to her arm swing, Wagner was solid as a rock at the line, with a sensational follow through. Though she didn’t have the rev rate that some of these other women on our list had, Wagner still created plenty of power, in the way of ball speed.

3) Danielle McEwan: The perfect marriage between old school and new school. McEwan combines the fundamentals and simplicity of yesteryear with the power and rev rate of the modern game. Watching her bowl is truly a thing of beauty.

2) Kim Terrell-Kearney: My all-time personal favorite women’s bowler. Without a doubt the simplest, repeatable game the women’s game has ever seen. Terrell-Kearney was flawless in her approach. Level head, loose swing, effortless footwork, beautiful follow through, and, honestly, I don’t think I have ever seen her fall off balance. Truly the textbook physical game.

1) Kelly Kulick: With an amazing swing, beautiful pace, simple mechanics, and otherworldly release, Kulick has become one of the most successful women to have ever laced up a pair of bowling shoes. I could watch Kulick bowl all day, every day and it would never get old. She has one of the softest, if not the softest, releases in the history of the women’s game. For my money, her physical game is the closest thing to Weber’s that the women’s game has to offer. And that is the ultimate compliment.

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