Get to Know Mike LeViner – BowlersMart Charlotte Manager

This is always one of my favorite things to do with our blogs. I have personally known most of these guys for several years now, but, honestly, when we’re together, we don’t really talk about our bowling history. So when I get the honor to sit down with these guys and discuss their careers, be them big or small, it is always interesting.
Today, we are going to be sitting down with Charlotte’s own, Michael LeViner!

Birthplace: Rochester, NY
Age Started: Seven years old
Who got you started? My parents first got me into the sport.
Coach(es): Many, none for any long period of time, though.
High game: 300
High Series: 867
Age of first 300: Eighteen years old
Ball for first 300: Lane 1 H2O
Age of first 800: 20 (I think)
Ball for first 800: Ebonite Clash Blue/Yellow
Collegiate experience: A couple tournaments
Degree: Software and Information Systems
Favorite ball of all time: The original Gamebreaker

Best bowling memory/biggest accomplishment: Breaking high series record at my home center.
Future goals in bowling: None, really. I just do it recreationally now. I enjoy it and I have fun with it.
Pro shop experience: 10 years
Hobbies and interests outside of bowling: Drinking! LOL, but I also enjoy live music and good food.

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