Time For the WSOB

It’s that time of the year again!

No, not the Holidays, silly.

It’s time for the World Series of Bowling!

Im a huge fan of the WSOB. l know some people complain about it and aren’t a fan of the format or how it’s several tournaments in one venue, in one week, etc. etc. etc.

But l for one love it.

It gives guys that can’t travel around the country for tournaments all year a chance to bowl. It gives the guys that have every day jobs a chance to compete for a week. And there are a lot of great weekend warriors out there.

l also love the formats. They’re short, simple, and they make every shot count, because you don’t have 17 or 23 more games to make up for it. And they’re exciting. Every year at the WSOB you see guys that the average fan may or may not know find success and make a run at a show. And l really enjoy it.

Parity is fun. And watching the same guys find success over and over again can get a tad boring from time-to-time. But at the WSOB it really seems to give other guys a chance. And historically, that’s proven to be the case.

Aside from the US Open, the WSOB week is my favorite week to follow. l love seeing how the different patterns play on the same surface, l love seeing the new names, and l love seeing how a guy can get on a roll for the week and make a run at every show.

And here’s my bold prediction for the week: Andrew Anderson — a young kid that some of you might not know yet — makes a show and makes a run at another.

What do you guys think of the WSOB? Are you fans of it? Or are you in favor of the longer formats? Tell us below!

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