A Few of the Best Bowling Bags for 2017

By Michael Cousins

Some of the best bags in each category for 2017

Up first, the accessory bags!

Vise Accessory Bag:

You can’t go wrong with this bag. It’s good for virtually anyone, regardless of who their favorite bowling ball manufacturer is; this bag is neutral. And not only will it please anyone, it’s incredibly durable. I have had the same one for five years now and still going strong.

Hammer Backpack:

This is the best backpack available on the market, without exception. Great colors, very roomy, remarkably durable, and comes with a nice warranty. No brainer, in my opinion.

Now, the plus one totes!

Hammer/Track Plus 1:

Identical bags in different colors. Personally, I prefer the carbon Plus 1, as it’s a bit more versatile color, but they’re both very good bags at a great price.

One ball bags are up next.

KR Flexx single tote:

For sure the roomiest of all single ball totes. There is room for your ball, shoes, and accessories. And that can’t be said in the case of most single ball totes. On top of that, it’s coming from KR, so you know it’s going to be good quality, last a long time, and come with a good warranty.

Brunswick Edge 1 Ball Roller:

Nice looking, simple bag with a solid construction and a durable handle and base. There’s a good amount of room for your other bowling accessories and shoes, as well. Most of the 1 ball bags are very, very similar in overall quality and build construction. But I really like the colors this bag has to offer!

Onto the two balls bags:

Roto Grip Two Ball Tote:

One of the best looking two ball totes, in my opinion. The digital camo patterns are very cool and the two different colors they come in really pop. I have had one for a number of years now and haven’t had any real issues with them.

Storm Rolling Thunder Two Ball Bag:

Amazing quality. Several awesome patterns and colors. One amazing bag. Some of the absolute best wheels in bowling. And their handles are remarkably thick, but still remain lightweight. The Rolling Thunder line — all sizes — are some of the best rollers on the market.

On to the three ball bag!

Hammer Deluxe Three Ball Roller:

This is a HUGE bag. So much room. Incredibly durable. Smooth rolling wheels. And two awesome colorways! Oh, and by the way, the best warranty in bowling! I know they can be a little on the high side compared to some of the competitors, but this bag will be with you for years and years to come. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone, despite the price.

Last but not least, the four ball bags!

Storm Rolling Thunder 4 Ball Bag or Hammer Bowling 4 Ball Bag:

Between these two, you can’t go wrong. Rolling Thunders and Hammer rollers are the two best rollers on the market. Without a doubt. The quality offered in these two lines is unmatched by the rest of the industry.

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