How’s the Weather?

I’m sure many of you are starting to notice that the lanes at your local centers are starting to play a little different.

While I’m sure for some of you this is frustrating, it’s imperative that you understand and realize this has little to do with your center, but, rather, the time of year.

Temperature — and it’s changes — can drastically alter the way lanes play. And if you’re aware of that, you can better prepare yourself for this time of year.

There are obviously other variables to consider, as well. And depending on those other said variables, the differences may be more or less drastic. But, regardless, they will still exist.

I see it every year. In my local center, every winter, league bowlers begin to complain that the lanes aren’t playing the way they were at the beginning of the year. And, in most cases, these bowlers think it’s a machine issue or a maintenance issue.

But next time this happens to you, do me a favor: ask yourself this question, “what’s the weather like today?”

The reason for this is due to the change the oil’s viscosity goes through during temperature change.

If you understand that and realize/expect these changes/differences, you’ll be better prepared to combat them when they present themselves.

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