Some of the Best Shoes From 2017

Last time, we went over some of the best and most popular balls of 2017. Today, we will be looking at shoes!

Shoes come in at all price points. You literally can find something for anyone at virtually any price you want. What I’m going to do is give you two options, one men’s, one women’s, at every price point.

Entry level ($49.99 or less):

Men’s: Spartan Black/Charcoal (49.99)

At $49.99+tax these shoes offer great performance and quality. They’re a very sturdy shoe in a great color way that is simple and easily worn with any of your favorite bowling gear. The one downside, perhaps, is that they’re a little on the heavier side than some other options at this price point, but, personally, I think that has to do with the quality of materials being on the higher side.

Women’s: Brunswick Karma (49.99)

These shoes are stylish and sure to please any woman, and at just $49.99, they’re accessible to any and all customers. They’re a unique cut for a bowling shoe and they come in three awesome colors. Also, they’re very breathable and very comfortable. In my opinion, they’re easily the best looking women’s entry level shoe.

Mid-performance (54.99-69.99)

Men’s: Brunswick Frenzy (54.99)

The colors are a bit out there. I won’t lie. But, if you’re into that, these shoes offer excellent build quality and a lightweight design that adds a whole new level of comfort to this price point. I sell more or these shoes than any other and I have never heard a bad thing about them.

Women’s: KR Quest (59.99)

These shoes, in terms of quality, are lightyears ahead of their competition in this price point. Honestly, when you hold the shoe in your hand and see the details and quality, you’d expect to be paying much, much more. The style is very sleek and simple, but the colors are bold and trendy. They have a couple different color options, and I’m sure more will follow.

Upper-mid (69.99-89.99)

Men’s: Brunswick Rampage (79.99)

Ultra lightweight, solid build construction, comes in both left handed and right handed, and is the perfect segue shoe into higher end interchangeables. This shoe offers a slide sold and a traction sole, perfect for giving bowlers the traction and leverage they need without paying premium pricing.


No real options at this price point, unfortunately.

High end shoes (99.99+++)

Men’s: Dexter The NINE (189.99)

I have been wearing the NINEs since they came out, and I love them. The construction is solid, the cut of the shoe naturally fits the foot, and they are extremely soft leather. The toe cap technology is exceptional, as I have always drug my foot and worn shoes down in those areas very, very badly. With the NINEs, when that happens, I simply change soles. When they first came out, I was hesitant about the price and the price of the soles, but I can assure you that they’re worth it.

Women’s: Hammer Vixen or KR Starr (99.99)

The exact same shoe, just different colors. These are the single best $100 shoe ever made. I’m convinced of it. There is no greater bargain in bowling. A well built, interchangeable sole shoe for $100 bucks? I don’t even need to say anymore.

One thought on “Some of the Best Shoes From 2017

  1. johnny says:

    I have a pair of 3g sport ultra shoes. That I have had for at least 8 years, and they are still going strong. If and when they ever wear out I’m going with the 3g tour ultra, because of the kandaroo skin.

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