Bowling Ball Playoff Seeding Results

After a day of voting, the results are in, and we have our top four balls!

Coming in at one, one of my personal favorites, the Storm Code Red. Based on how this ball sold, we aren’t at all surprised that this one made the semi-finals. Absolutely terrific ball.

Coming in at second, we have the Roto Grip No Rules Pearl! Another great, big pearl asymmetrical ball that sold extremely well and performed equally.

At three, big shocker here, the Black Widow Gold. Every Widow ever made has sold, so when you make it Gold, it’s no surprise that it sold well and got a lot of votes.

At four, the Track Mako. I loved this ball, and I’m glad I wasn’t alone. This ball far and away exceeded my expectations.

At five, the Honey Badger. In case anyone was wondering, gold bowling balls are popular. Pair that popularity with a bowling ball that rolls pretty darn well, and you get votes!

Coming in at six was the Pitbull. Nice to see a good showing from a DV8 ball. I think Brunswick is starting to do some good things and people are starting to take notice.

Another one of my favorites comes in at seven, with the Brunswick Inferno. Nostalgia coupled with performance. No surprise here, it sold well! Another step in the right direction for Brunswick.

And finally, coming in at eight: The Real One. Personally, this ball rolled fantastic for me. I’m surprised it was voted/seeded so low. But, either way, there’s no denying it was one of the best balls of the year.

So, after voting, here are the matchups for the upcoming articles:

Code Red v Real One

No Rules Pearl v Inferno

Black Widow Gold v Pitbull

Mako v Honey Badger

So the way we’re going to do this is pretty simple. Each matchup will get one article with a place for you to vote for the winner. We’ll go through all four matchups and then, after that, we’ll go to the top four (semi-finals).

Those will also be voted on, and then we’ll have our finalist, which will also be voted on. At the end, we’ll have our unofficial BowlersMart Ball of the Year.

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