Bowling Ball Playoff Results


In our first real upset of the bracket, the Black Widow Gold took down the number one seeded Code Red.

The Black Widow line is historical. It’s iconic. And it’s nostalgic. There’s no doubt that all of this played into its victory.

That, coupled with performance and an awesome look, was going to make the Black Widow Gold a tough out for anyone. And, ultimately, too tough, as it turns out.

The Black Widow Gold didn’t have a close call the entire tournament; it steamrolled ball after ball after ball on its way to the title. And, I have to admit, I am surprised. I knew it would have a real chance, as I called it — on multiple occasions — a dark horse to win it all.

But to wipe the floor with every other ball is crazy to me, when you take into consideration just how many great, great balls there were in this tournament.

It really speaks to how impressed all of you are with this ball and its performance and it really speaks to Hammer, as well.

So that’s it! We have our champion. The Black Widow Gold is the Ball of the Year!

Thank you to everyone that participated, and congratulations, Hammer!

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