George Branham III – What a Sweet Game!

In honor of black history month, we’re going to be going over an honoring some of the games most influential African American competitors of all-time.

We will be doing this with a brief write up on each, explaining why we are honoring said bowler, some of his/her accomplishments, as well as YouTube videos highlighting some of their greatest professional/amateur moments.

Today, we’ll be starting with an obvious choice: George Branham III.

Branham is credited for being the first African-American to break through on the PBA Tour. Branham competed for 19 years in the tour, capturing a total of 5 PBA Tour titles, including the TOC. These accolades made Branham the first African-American to win a standard tour title as well as a Major title.

On the lanes, Branham was a fierce, fiery competitor with supreme athleticism. Athleticism that he displayed every time he took to the lanes.

Branham used his fire and athleticism to become the single-most decorated African-American male to ever bowl on the PBA Tour.

Below, we have embedded some of Branham’s greatest moments for all of you to see:

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