Gary Faulkner – PBA’s Bright Young Star

For today’s Black History Month piece, we’re celebrating a young man that forever altered African-American bowling history: Gary Faulkner.

Faulkner had success as both a youth bowler and an intercollegiate player, winning Junior Gold and a National Title with Webber International. But what he did on the professional level is what will make him be remembered forever.

Faulkner won the PBA World Championship in 2015, the first African American man to ever win the tournament. He also became just the second African-American man to win a Major title, and the first since 1993.

Faulkner may be young in age, and, though he hasn’t yet recaptured the same magic he had that week, he’s already going to be remembered for years and years to come as a Major champion, and an African-American bowling hero and icon.

Below are some highlights from Faulkner’s World Championship show.

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