The Importance of Bowling in the Summer

By Michael Cousins

I know many of you are probably taking the summer off from league. And thats fine. I don’t blame you. At all. But, I would recommend that you keep some sort of practice routine, so that you stay sharp.

At the beginning of every Fall league season, I have customers come in and tell me about their early season struggles, and how they can’t seem to get themselves into a rhythm. Now, this doesn’t always last long, but, nonetheless, it happens often. And, needless to say, bowlers aren’t necessarily delighted with it.

That being said, though, it can be avoided. And pretty easily, at that.

These struggles are typically seen in those bowlers that didn’t bowl a summer league or didn’t have a set practice schedule over the summer.

And, again, I understand the allure to skip bowling in the summer. Really, I do. Sometimes a 36 week Fall league feels like an eternity. Sometimes, at the end, you are just ready for a break, and, sometimes, this is best done by skipping a Summer league. And, honestly, this is something I do regularly; I never bowl Summer leagues.

However, I do make sure that I bowl regularly in the Summer months.

Some of that bowling comes in the form of tournaments — the Summer time is my busiest bowling season, honestly. But even if you aren’t bowling tournaments this summer, I would implore you to seek practice. That can be once a week or once a day; it doesn’t matter, really. Anything will be beneficial.

From my experience, much of those early-season struggles come from rust, which, of course, comes from a lack of bowling. So try to make time this Summer, especially if you aren’t bowling a league. I guarantee you it makes a difference. Those early-season struggles will feel far less struggling, I assure you.

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