Storm Hyper Lock Bowling Ball Video Preview by Bowler’s Rant

Chris Beans breaks down the Storm Hyper Lock, an international release!Full specs and commentary!

Greatness is achieved through countless hours of dedication and hard work. Storm understands the level of commitment that is required to perfect the craft of designing bowling balls. Through three decades of manufacturing we certainly have seen our share of both successes and setbacks. It takes the lessons learned from both however to become the leader of bowling technology and innovation. We are Storm.

4 thoughts on “Storm Hyper Lock Bowling Ball Video Preview by Bowler’s Rant

  1. Michael says:

    y son is taking up bowling again and he needs a primary ball, as the one he had split, but his secondary ball is ok. I don’t know the ratings or how to find a ball that he can direct or use as his strike ball?

  2. Jeff peck says:

    Peck831 I am 73 years old I have trouble lifting the ball down the lane so I was wondering if this ball at14lb would be for me

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