2020 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 2 Sean Rash

No. 2 Sean Rash

Career Titles: 14 (2 majors)
Age: 37
2019 Earnings: $181,897 (rank: 5)
2019 Points: 29,680 (rank: 3)
2019 Peak Ranking: 2
2019 Low Ranking: Unranked

2019 Season

Nobody bowled in more title matches than Rash in 2019. Among seven chances, he won the Mark Roth/Marshall Holman PBA Doubles with Matt Ogle and the Wolf Open for the second time in his career. Rash also won the non-title PBA China Tiger Cup and the USBC Cup, which forever marks him as the best performer over the course of the 2019 summer tour. A final-four finish in the PBA Playoffs probably would’ve been another championship match if he hadn’t run into Bill O’Neill’s amazing performance in the semifinals. Rash was overlooked by some coming into the season (but not us, who named him prior to the season as a non-upset upset pick to contend for Player of the Year – which he did), but how can you overlook someone who is constantly bowling for the title?

2020 Outlook

Rash’s confidence, particularly coming off leading the U.S. Open through that absurd beast of a format before ultimately finishing second, is possibly higher than it’s been since his Player of the Year season in 2011-2012. He won’t surprise anybody this year, but he will continue to make cuts and TV shows. If he finds himself in seven more title matches, he may come away with four or five titles this time.

Preseason PBA Power Rankings

1. Jason Belmonte
2. Sean Rash
3. Bill O’Neill
4. Anthony Simonsen
5. EJ Tackett
6. Jakob Butturff
7. Dom Barrett
8. Kyle Sherman
9. Kris Prather
10. AJ Johnson
11. Kyle Troup
12. Marshall Kent
13. Tom Daugherty
14. Chris Barnes
15. Dick Allen
16. Jesper Svensson
17. Tommy Jones
18. Norm Duke
19. Francois Lavoie
20. Jason Sterner

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