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Rare International Release – These balls are x-blems due to high top weights (4oz to 6oz) With the new USBC rule of 3oz side with no weight hole it allows for any skilled pro shop professional to have a variety of drillings options. Also due to the limit quantities available, we can not guarantee spec requests but you can get a rare Storm ball at a discounted price!

Neutron Physix (International)

Neutron Physix (International)

The PhysiX ™ has been nothing short of a revolution. It has all the uses of modern technology. What makes the series stand out from the rest is just about everyone’s style. But let’s go deeper …
The first of its kind, the Neutron PhysiX delivers all you would want in a bowling ball: ample midlane read, heavy drive through the pins, and all the allure of a meticulously crafted piece of artwork. But what’s the rest of this is something that’s invisible to the naked eye.
The NRG formulation has become a staple in the storm lineup of coverstocks. Its known for creating a better connection between the ball and the lane – giving the player more control and gritting when the conditions are the most demanding. The nano additive pushes the limits of performance in modern technology.
The Neutron PhysiX’s shining attribute is the Atomic Core with a super-low RG that helps generate spin. This extremely center-heavy mass gets the ball moving in a dangerous way. This provides the ball with added responsiveness and rewards The Neutron PhysiX is an excellent option for players who like to watch the ball rev up and flare large amounts.
Rooted in history and tradition, Storm wants to continue to grow and evolve. We would love it if you continue to grow your game with us. Storm – We are “The Bowler’s Company ™”

Color: Black / Blue / Orange – All colors may differ slightly from the picture.

Shell: NRG ™ Solid Reactive

Core: Atomic ™ Core

Box finish: 2000-grit Abralon

Odor: Orange chocolate

Featured track conditions: a lot of oiled tracks

A few small holes in the shell of the ball are normal.

Weight – RG / differential / int. Diff

16lb – 2.48 – 0.054 – 0.017

15lb – 2.48 – 0.053 – 0.017

14lb – 2.53 – 0.052 – 0.015

13lb – 2.57 – 0.032 – 0.010

12lb – 2.59 – 0.029 – 0.008

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