PODCAST: Kelly Kulick on Why She Finds Herself at a Turning Point in Her Life, and Much More

Bowlers Journal Podcast

Kelly Kulick’s induction into the USBC Hall of Fame earlier this year provided an occasion for reflection on a sterling competitive career. As you are about to hear, for Kelly Kulick that reflection involved tremendous gratitude for all the experiences and benefits bowling has brought to her life, but it also prompted her to ponder some tough questions about the transition point she finds herself in at this moment in her life. At age 42, Kulick says she feels there were some things she missed out on while she was caught up in the frenetic pace of a globe-trotting and demanding career as a professional athlete–time with family, and other things those living a less high-profile life take for granted, such as dating or traveling just to travel rather than traveling just to bowl. This is the kind of candid introspection that makes for engaging conversation, and that is exactly what Kulick provides on this episode of the podcast.

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