Hammer Redemption Solid Video Bowling Ball Review with Hammer Staffers

Video Bowling Ball Review of the Hammer Redemption Solid

Welcome to the video bowling ball review for the Hammer Redemption Solid, a quick look at the right and left side of the lane from Hammer Regional Staffer Cindy Patterson.

This high performance bowling ball has the Aggression NE Solid Cover and the Asymmetric Redemption Core.

This ball has a ton of surface which makes ideal for players like Cindy who bowl straight up the lane. I really like this reaction, as this ball reads early, sets, and then drives into the pocket and has a ton of hitting power.

With a 360, 500, 2000 grit, this is the kind of ball you can use to read the midlne with confidence. CIndy is getting a ton of midlane control, but the Redemption core is also providing quite a bit of punch when the ball comes off the pattern. I also noted this ball responds quite well to hand positions.

Koby’s look with the Redemption solid was really something special. The pin action was incredible. It was like he couldn’t miss, and the What is really nice a is that the Redemption Solid really picked up on the fresh and the ball does not blow past the breakpoint. While not reading at his feet, the ball does pickup in the midlane and then corner into the pocket with a really nice punch.

For anyone bowling on the heavy side of oil, this is a ball that will be your best friend…especially on the when you need the ball to make the turn. For strokers and tweeners, this is a first ball out of your bag…and you will want to keep up on the surface maintenance. Crankers looking for surface and hitting power can clearly see the Redemption solid is no joke and kicks pins sideways. Kolby struck with ease, and only had to move a couple boards when his ball started to read early.

And if you are interested in learning more about the Redemption Solid,check it out by clicking the link below. So, what do you think of the ball motion of the Redemption Solid? What layout would you choose? Drop me a comment, lets continue the conversation. More updates are coming and thanks for watching!

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3 thoughts on “Hammer Redemption Solid Video Bowling Ball Review with Hammer Staffers

  1. Richard Gandia says:

    Great company have gotten not only great deals also customer service. They have provided exact specs I ordered on the balls I’ve purchased

  2. Richard Gandia says:

    I am considering at 14lbs the Hammer Redemption Solid or the Roto Grip UFO. What I would like to know which of the two would work best for me. Full roller with lower ball speed 12-13 and moderate Revs. Asymmetrical balls have been very unpredictable due to drilling with pin 3 1/2”s two inches left of thumb with CG in center of Grip and Mass Bias in straight line just right of ring finger. Any suggestions or help?

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