Quick Response Bowling Balls & Slow Response Bowling Balls

What Does Fast Response & Slow Response Bowling Balls Mean

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Have you ever heard the terms quick response bowling ball or slow response bowling ball and wondered what that meant? Also how the surface can adjust the response time for a bowling ball and change the balls spot in an arsenal?. I am speaking from my personal experience in this matter, so I hope this will give you a better understanding of the terms we use. Also to help make you more aware of your own equipment now, and also for future purchases.
QUICK/SLOW RESPONSE is a term we use to relate how the ball RESPONDS to friction. QUICK=FASTER and SLOWER, well is just that SLOW.
Basically in theory QUICKER RESPONSE to friction means a FASTER transition.

Is Our Bowling Bag Full Of The Same Balls But Different Colors?

Lets face it we all get wrapped up in what we think we need and what we actually need in terms of ball motion, thus in return your arsenal has different colors,different companies but relatively almost all are reacting the same in motion, and causing bigger gaps in your arsenal. Almost on a daily basis i hear,”i want my ball to go long and than hook hard!”. We all are guilty of that. This is another huge reason to trust your pro shop to give you want you are really asking for and make your purchase benefit you and upgrade and add to your current arsenal.
I am a fan of controlled/smooth motion, some refer to this as “not giving away the head pin” and the opposite would be stand left and use a cleaner/quicker response ball to open and increase my angle, thus in resulting a term often heard,”giving away the head pin”.
Now all this is relative to your pap,speed, rotation, rev rate. PLEASE GET THAT INFORMATION its like your finger print in bowling, and will benefit you in the long run and help your PSO fine tune and build an arsenal complete.

How Covers Of Bowling Balls & Surfaces Play On Ball Motion

With that being said typically its common for us to get wrapped up in, the PEARL bowling ball is FASTER and the SOLID ball is SLOWER. That is a rule of thumb but the major factor in the transition phase and the RESPONSE time is PIN TO PAP, and also SURFACE applied to the bowling ball! Those are extremely important factors and another reason why its so important to get your FINGERPRINT in bowling.
Lets talk about SURFACE and how it can benefit you in a way it can fine tune your current arsenal, bridge the gaps you have and get you more dialed in and more comfortable visually, and than in turn making you physically confident in your ball progressions. Sometimes a ball is too clean and never sees the pattern like it needs to for proper entry angle and lane play, or the ball is too QUICK and too angular forcing you too far inside giving the head pin away, or too SLOW not allowing the ball to get to the desired spot on the lane before it has a chance to reserve energy and properly maintain the controlled motion you desire.
For instance i never throw a ball at the OUT OF BOX finish it comes with, there are too many variables that can come into play. So i hit my PEARL covers with 3000 and go over my SOLIDS with 500/2000. This helps me dial in my arsenal to fit me! Yours could be different like i said depending on your FINGERPRINT!
Well i hope this helped with understanding on your current arsenal, but also helping you make your next purchase! Remember we are looking to add to the bag! Thanks for reading, and until next time BOWL GREAT!

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3 thoughts on “Quick Response Bowling Balls & Slow Response Bowling Balls

  1. ROD ALLEN. Cleveland Ohio says:

    Short and to the point sir, plain and simple, easy to understand even for new bowlers! ….. Keep up the good work.

  2. Vic J. says:

    Does hitting your Pearl with the 3G grit make it grab the lane more, consequently hooking more or you just want to take the shine away? And how much(as in, how many boards) does it affect the original hook?

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