Staying Sharp For Bowling During An Extended Break

Use The Break From Bowling To Grow To Be Better

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Let me start by saying this is a crazy time, with all this downtime we all have some time to recap on the season but also prepare for when we get started back up. Here are a few things I teach and that have had an impact on my student’s success. So let me ask you the following:

What Are You Doing To Improve Your Physical And Mental Game For When Bowling Comes Back?

I know the high school, league and collegiate seasons all came to an abrupt halt. I know we all feel this in some way, shape or form, WE LOVE THIS GREAT GAME! So let’s get started. It is great to reflect on your past season, but its more important to learn from it. Look at your notes, if you are not keeping notes start doing so immediately, this will help the reflection and growth process, and narrow it down to benefit you in a more effective and informational way.
During this break from bowling ask yourself these 5 questions and answer them honestly! Accountability is a must for personal growth!
1) What did you LEARN? When you were faced with the situation how did you handle it
2) Did you GROW from it?
3) Have you CONQUERED it? If so did it give you a path to
4) REACH your set goals? And in this whole process did these situations make you
5) BECOME a better teammate both on and off the lanes? These are all extremely important factors for growth as an individual and as a team player.
If you did all of these then let’s reset and FOCUS on areas we need to expand and grow. Remember it’s so important to set obtainable goals to keep moving forward in all aspects of this amazing game. It is also so important to keep muscle memory through repetition at the forefront! Remember the key is being able to repeat with consistency.

What Can I Do During These Times To Keep My Muscle Memory For Bowling

Practice your approach in the hallway, bedroom or wherever you have enough room to feel comfortable. A great tool is a door mirror and add a strip of tape vertically to help you visualize a target line to follow through.
Also, practice your release with a 2.5lb plate weight or kettlebell, move up in weight as needed. This will help keep muscles strong and active and contribute to muscle memory. Get a workout and stretching regiment together. Get creative! You can do drills tossing a football underhanded while spiraling it into a bucket at different distances, Do one step, no steps, etc. Check out bowling drills and then adapt them to suit you and what you can do at home. Sports is a mental game. If you’re already using brain supplements to improve your focus so you can be at your peak performance, you should know certain information such as why you should Stop taking Adderall.


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