Bowing Ball Flare Potential And Differential, What Does It Really Mean?

Differential In A Bowling Ball And How To Match Up With It

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Do you ever wipe your ball off and see the oil rings and wonder what they meant? Why sometimes you have more oil rings on one ball than the next? That is called flare and let me explain and hopefully this will help you on the lanes.

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Bowling Ball Flare Potential 

The bowling ball flare potential is the maximum amount a bowling ball can migrate while traveling down the lane. Flare potential can be used as an indicator for which bowling balls are best suited for certain patterns and conditions i.e. oily lane conditions (high flare) and or drier lane conditions (low flare).

RG and differential numbers have a direct effect on this. Differential is the measurement used to show the flare potential of a bowling ball. It is why it is so important to match your game with which ball is best suited for the condition you are bowling on. The puzzle for matching up include all of your personal metrics also (PAP, tilt, axis rotation, rev rate and speed) Your Pro Shop can get all of the puzzle pieces together for you and also what surfaces should be used on the bowling balls to help when purchasing the bowling balls to fit your arsenal. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and I hope these articles are getting you familiarized with your current arsenal as well helping you make your future purchases as well!


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