Know Your PAP, Speed, Axis Tilt & Axis Rotation When Buying A Bowling Ball

The Importance Of Knowing Your Personal Info When Buying A New Bowling Ball

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Today we are gonna talk about the importance of getting your own personal information in bowling. I am a true believer the more you know the better and in this case, it’s no different and it’s very important. I am going to go over the meaning of each factor and how that plays an important role in laying out a bowling ball.

Here at BOWLERSMART we pride ourselves on service and knowledge, and this is what we specialize in. What if I told you there is a way to fine-tune your next purchase and build and add to your current arsenal. You can with knowing the following info! Check out our locations across the country, we would love to help you with your game! 

PAP (Positive Axis Point) It Is Your Thumbprint On A Bowling Ball

PAP is the ball revolving around an axis and at one end is your PAP and the other your NAP (think of it as north and sole pole). Getting your PAP is the most important factor needed in laying out a bowling ball for you. IT IS YOUR BLUEPRINT for ball reaction! It is also the key to getting the best out of the ball and a potential return on your investment.

Knowing The Axis Tilt & Axis Rotation Of Your Bowling Ball

Now I hear and see on a regular basis bowlers often confuse AXIS ROTATION with AXIS TILT. Hopefully, I can help you understand the difference and how each directly coincides with the layout, and the surface you might apply to your bowling ball if needed.
AXIS ROTATION: This is determined by how much your hand applies side roll to your bowling ball. Think of it like this, if you throw dead up the back of the bowling ball there is 0* of rotation and the more your hand goes around the bowling ball the more rotation is increased.
AXIS TILT: Is per se the spin you apply to your bowling ball. TILT magnifies as the circumference or track begins to fade. (Rule of thumb, more TILT will happen with a spinner, and less TILT with higher track players). Why this is important as well in factoring the layout is we do not want the ball to roll over any of the drilled holes, and will allow your PSO to give you the desired ball reaction.

Know How Fast You Throw The Bowling Ball

SPEED: Knowing your speed is another huge factor that is regularly overlooked. Your speed has a direct determination of where you are comfortable playing on the lanes and also understanding your capabilities. Your PSO needs to know this, it will help fine-tune the layouts but more importantly choosing the correct cover and adjusting that such cover with a surface to match your speed and where you are on the lanes. Remember an object has to slow down to change direction! SLOWER and HIGHER ball speeds will determine what surface will be applied for the desired ball reaction.
Well, I hope you have a better understanding of each characteristic of how they come into play when purchasing and drilling your new bowling ball. Also, this should give you a little more insight into why and how your current arsenal fits you, and now have a better understanding helps you dial in your next purchase.

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