The Balance Arm In Bowling Is Crucial For Balance At The Foul Line

Be Mindful Of Your Balance Arm At The Foul Line When Bowling

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By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

We as bowlers tend to forget how important the balance arm is. It is key to keeping our release and balance consistent at the line! The balance arm and consistency go hand in hand with good balance and proper alignment. Upper body position is a huge factor during the approach and is very instrumental in the proper execution and consistency of your release! It balances you and creates to work as a stabilizer as you start your approach to your completion of the delivery.
If you do not use your balance arm properly it can result in bad shoulder posture causing you to lose leverage. When you engage your balance arm properly, it will allow proper engagement of your shoulders and will create a more stable and consistent release during the slide, and also result in creating the proper leverage.

Drills To Help Proper Use Of The Balance Arm

Here is a drill I use to help teach this (you will need a 2 lb ankle weight, put this around your balance arm at the wrist. This will help with the feel of the proper engagement of the balance arm. Do exercise with and without, and you will definitely feel the difference and importance.)
I encourage you to start your approach as if you were barley sitting on the edge of a barstool, take your backside and push it outwards, also bend those knees more! Keep your nose back behind those toes! REMEMBER NOT TO GET NOSE OVER TOES!! This can result in too much upper body tilt and cause your swing to be too steep!  Remember where you start on the approach, how much you bend your knees etc. will all depend on your comfort level! Every bowler is different!
Another key to remember is to try and keep your balance arm on the ball in the first few steps during your approach, it will help keep your shoulders and your swing plane working together properly. Its easier to carry 14/15 lbs with 2 hands versus 1 hand, and also this will engage your lower body and the use of your legs more, thus creating increase of speed, stable and consistent ball motion and allow you to play the lane and pattern properly longer, and allow you to make the proper moves! Do not make moves and ball changes on improper execution. That will lead to inaccurate and false ball motion and lane play!


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