Kinesiology Tape & How To Use It To Improve Your Bowling

How To Use KT Tape To Relieve Pain While Bowling

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By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

We all feel sometimes, when we see a product on television being used by a professional we want just that. I get asked so many times a week in my Pro Shop what is that tape I see such and such bowler wearing and why and what is the benefit? Well let me hopefully shed some light into the new era of this must have accessory for today’s game!

Kinesiology Tape has quickly become one of the hottest accessories on the market and one of the most sought after purchases bowlers add to their accessory case. I get asked by so many what is that tape and why is it used. The first thing I will say is that the misconception of the KINESIOLOGY tape being used is it’s a miracle worker or it turns you into a SUPER BOWLER and your pain and problem disappear. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, first of all if you are experiencing any kind of pain and discomfort please consult with your local physician and also communicate with your PRO SHOP. This could be a flexibility,span, range of motion change. LISTEN to your body it is telling you something is not right.
For the meantime KINESIOLOGY tape can be used to relieve some discomfort. Now when you purchase KINESIOLOGY tape most packages come with a pamphlet on how to cut and apply the tape to benefit the area in which you have discomfort. There are so many companies who make KINESIOLOGY TAPE and some have different names but all in all they are supposed to do do the same thing with same results. Now some tape might have it’s benefit over others, you will have to trial and error and figure out what tape works for the best, and now they stepped their game up and have KINESIOLOGY tape with colors for you fashionable bowlers.
My system I like to use when I have to apply or use the KINESIOLOGY TAPE, i make sure i massage with my Relaxthemuscle gun the necessary area and i apply the tape 45 minutes before 1 bowl. These helps the tape and it’s elements work on the area and also lets the tape adhere to your skin, last thing we want is to be bowling and have the tape roll up or peel off while we are bowling. I am a fan and avid use of KINESIOLOGY tape and its benefits, I do not use it all the time but it’s definitely in my accessory bag all the time just in case. You cannot predict an injury but you can help prevent it, STRETCH,EXERCISE before you bowl. Just like you the KINESIOLOGY tape has its limits.
The PROS use KINESIOLOGY tape to subside them bowling so many games over a short period of time. Also these professionals are athletes these days and are in and out of a gym, so muscle soreness is common with athletes. This benefits them to perform at their best with having the KINESIOLOGY tape help with subsiding the muscle aches and your daily pain. Now even those athletes understand to listen to their body!
Every bowler has a different comfort level, range of motion etc. So everyone’s application process will be different, so get used to applying it before you bowl and if the area of discomfort is under your clothing than I highly recommend you applying it at home. Again if you are having continuing pain consult your doctor and let your PRO SHOP know, this can be a change that is telling you to have your fit re checked, look at flexibility, pitches! I cannot stress this enough!
Well I hope you learned about KINESIOLOGY TAPE and how and why its used. I am in no way a PHYSICIAN or MEDICAL TRAINER. Personally I am trying to give you an insight personally on the benefits of application. This industry is continuing to grow and the more you know the better we all can be.

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