The Importance Of A Pre Shot Routine In Bowling

Every Successful Bowler Has A Pre Shot Routine

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Have you ever seen a bowler go through the same actions every time before they step on the approach? Like for instance, wipe their bowling ball off with a towel, hit the rosin, blow in thumb hole, make sure their slide shoe is good etc. The technical term for these sequence of actions is called pre shot routine. In this article, I will go over the importance of having one and why.
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A Pre Shot Routine Helps Your Muscle Memory Take Over

When you have a pre shot routine, you need to make sure the actions and sequence are identical every single time before you execute your shot. This an overlooked asset in making your mental game stronger. Basically in those high-pressure moments, when you have developed the same routine, this process helps calm the mind down and also, in turn, makes your focus and concentration improve immensely.

I personally teach this to every student I coach and I strictly enforce the pre shot routine. With that, I also explain to my students there are 2 sides to the pre shot routine, on and off the approach. I tell them off the approach you think and on the approach you do! Off the approach, you go over your adjustments, pay attention to other bowlers moves, ball changes and stay engaged. On the approach it is game time, you have already committed to your shot, and you already thought about what you were going to do. You have already committed mentally now commit physically! Once you perfect your own pre shot routine and it becomes natural you will see your mental and physical game improve extensively.


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