The Importance Of Spare Shooting In Bowling

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Why Making Your Spares In Bowling Is More Important Then You Might Think

I wanted to talk today about the importance of spare shooting, and how to implement this into your weekly or daily practice regime. The common belief is that strikes win tournaments, but I’m here to tell you that is rarely the case! We overlook the fact of how important this part of the game is! I am going to give you some examples of how spare shooting actually helps you with various parts of your game such as focus, confidence, accuracy, and trust. Here are a few drills that I have done and continue to do and even implement this into my coaching.

Some Spare Shooting Bowling Drills To Help You Improve Your Game

How many times do you go practice and if you don’t strike you are quick to hit that reset button? Then the very next tournament or league play you are faced with a touch condition and miss a lot of spares…Next time you are practicing try these drills:

Shoot For The Head Pin On A Full Rack

Sound crazy? Here is why, this will teach you to focus, to dial in on 1 pin while there is multiple pins around it takes discipline and commitment also to execute the necessary shot at hand. It will also teach you focus on your target in a more concentrated way. This will improve your accuracy, and  when you get back in the situation again, you will be more prepared with the confidence to execute.

Keep Track Of Your Spares During Your Tournament Or League Play

This is a great way to build confidence and show improvement by tracking. There are also various ways of doing so. Apps on your phone, or the old fashioned way with a notebook or notepad. This will help you define your areas of struggle and zone in on your weaknesses and in doing so implementing these into your practice will turn these areas into strengths. This will build your trust in your ability and make your spare shooting more natural!

We All Practice Bowling Differently

We all see the lanes differently, visual perception is different for every bowler! So there is no right way, there is only your way! Don’t get comfortable in one certain way, try different angles, different hand positions, different mindset! There is a reason why we tend to struggle. Mostly i learned through proper practice and repetition, but also knowing and understanding your capabilities. This is a must in moments of pressure. Adapt these into your weekly/daily practice regime and I promise those cuts you have been missing you will start making. Those goals that are eluding you will now become more obtainable!

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