International Storm Crystal Physix Bowling Ball Video Preview

Video Preview of the Storm Crystal Physix International Bowling Ball

What is happening bowlers Chris Beans here with Bowlers Rant and today we are going back to the international market to take a look at yet another gem from Storm bowling. Of course just a quick shout out some of my awesome partners over at twelve bagger, Bowlersmart, Coolwick and zookies Pro Shop my preferred Pro Shop of choice in the Tampa Bay area.

So what are we looking at today, the Storm Crystal Physixs bowling ball. Oh I really like the shelf appeal on this ball, it is absolutely fantastic, really like the red, white and blue and you know it’s shiny so definitely is gonna have some length.

Let’s take a look at the specs this ball is 2.48 RG with 0.053 differential and the .017 asymmetric differential. It’s got the atomic core so this is a ball that’s gonna start up early you’re gonna get quite a bit of motion in the back. It’s gonna be real real booming in terms of the cover stock and finish this ball is NRG2 pearl and it comes out a finish of 1500 grit polished.


So why is this significant? Well we’re gonna head on over to the web talk about that so first of all i always like to take a look at the information on the overseas site and one of the things that we can see from the flyer. Let’s pull that up is that the fragrance is mulberry so i guess that’s like a sweet berry but yeah this is the flyer this is what they’re showing for the ball and it’s got a kind of hard to see but they show a difference in the
line between the Astrophysixs and the crystal physixs and it looks like the crystal physixs is a little stronger and of course looking on the storm web site you can see that this was this coverstock NRG2 pearl.

This was used on the code extreme earlier in the year and to kind of sum this all up this is gonna give you a lot of mid lane control but with a strong back end reaction so most nano balls tend to do that they have a very specific motion and they blend wet-dry really really well. And just again circling back over to you know again they shelf appeal this is a ball
it’s gonna look really good on the rack.

I feel like when you throw this ball down the lane because the cores like to migrate you’re gonna see kind of one pattern and then when it starts to roll you’re gonna see a different pattern
than what comes off the end of the pattern you’ll see another pattern in terms of the way it’s gonna roll and the way this core looks it’s probably gonna be really really good-looking going down the lane.

So in short really good-looking ball you can use this on the house condition, you know pair it with an IQ tour pearl and a spare ball and they’ve got a nice three ball arsenal in terms of where you can get this it’s not here in the United States it’s an overseas ball, so head on over to the Facebook forums
and see if anybody’s got any in stock. Just be prepared to pay a pretty penny. Balls like this can be in the neighborhood of three hundred dollars shipped.

So what do you think of the crystal physixs? Do you like the color? What layout would you go with? Drop me a comment let me know let’s continue the conversation. More updates are coming and until then thanks for watching.

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9 thoughts on “International Storm Crystal Physix Bowling Ball Video Preview

    • Mike C says:

      That particular ball is an overseas release! I’m sure if you check eBay, and work Facebook groups one might pop up!

  1. Arthur Novoa says:

    I purchase the astrophysics for my daughter you really liked it. He likes the color of the crystal physics. What is ball ever come to the states you would like me to get it for her. He is 15 years old and has a 233 average.

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