Hammer Redemption Pearl Video Bowling Ball Review by Bowler’s Rant

Video Bowling Ball Review of the Hammer Redemption Pearl

Welcome to the ball review for the Hammer Redemption Pearl bowling ball.A quick look at the right and left side by Hammer Regional Staffer Cyndi Patterson, as she throws on this very typical house shot at BowlersMart IQ in Sterling Heights Michigan.

As always a quick reminder on specs, this ball has the Aggression NE pearl cover and features the Redemption asymmetric core.We previously saw Cyndi throw the Hammer Redemption Solid and now we can see the pearl.This look is really clean, and Cyndi is getting quite a bit more length with the ball reading later than the Hammer Redemption Solid.With the pearl finished 500 and Crown Factory Compound, her ball reaction is obviously longer and sharper, which results in the ball giving quite a bit more pop and angularity even for the stroker style we see here.

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While the solid definitely needs oil, the Pearl looks very versatile, providing a great look that should cover a variety of conditions. Clearly this ball hits like a truck, and sees a sharper motion when hand position is adjusted. Cyndi throws it like a boss, and this ball has the words “pin carry” written all over it. Strokers, low speed and senior bowlers will detinitely lke this gem added to their bag.

Here is a quick comparison of the redemption solid vs the redemption pearl. The solid clearly picks up smoother and is a bit of a smoother shape where the pearl obviously is gonna go quite a bit longer and you’re gonna see a little bit more pop from Cyndi’s shot down lane.

And of course if you want to know more about the Hammer Redemption Pearl and where you can pick it up, I’ve got a link in the description where you can grab this on BowlersMart.com. So, what do you think of the Hammer Redemption Pearl? Do you like the color? What layout would you choose? Drop me a comment, let me know lets continue the conversation.More updates are coming and thanks for watching!

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4 thoughts on “Hammer Redemption Pearl Video Bowling Ball Review by Bowler’s Rant

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    What’s the difference between the Statement Solid or Statement Pearl? To these new ones! Is it just the weight block’s are different?

    • Mike C says:

      DIFFERENT WEIGHT BLOCKS, DIFFERENT COVERS! These new Redemption line is really good and picked up right where Hammer left off! Now add the Brunswick DOT technology and it’s even better! To me the statement line rolled a little forward off the pattern where the Redemption line is more round and continuous! Hope this helps and thank you for your question.

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