How To Target And What To Look At When Bowling


Using The Arrows On The Lanes While Bowling To Target

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun


When you go bowling have you ever wondered what those triangle-shaped markings 15 feet past the foul line are? The technical term is arrows, let me explain what they are there for and how they can improve your game.

There are 7 arrows on each lane and Arrow zones or the space between arrows are approximately 5 boards apart. For instance, if you are right-handed you will read the boards and arrows right to left, such as 1st arrow being the 5 board, 2nd arrow being the 10th, 3rd arrow being the 15th, 4th or center arrow being 20th, 5th arrow being 25th, 6th being 30th and 7th being 35th board, there are only 39 boards on each lane. Left-handed bowlers will read the arrows left to right in the same process. Between those arrows are each respected board and you can use the arrows to reference your target.

When Bowling Trying To Hit The Arrows Is The Easiest Way To Target

With the pins being so far down the lane it is, in fact, harder to hit your target if it is farther away from you. So here comes the benefit of the arrows. With the arrows being only 15 feet away from the foul line they are much closer and make it easier to target and focus on to hit your target. These arrows are instrumental when lining up and developing a target to execute either your first shot or your second shot. We spoke about the dots in a previous article and the arrows go hand in hand with the arrows and you can use both as adjusting and targeting with both being beneficial.
As always remember this is just a reference point to help you understand the basics and fundamentals of targeting. Each bowler sees the lane different and each bowler has a different style, so based on comfort and approach you could very well develop another way of targeting. This article is to help start the process of trial and error to make you a better bowler.
Thank you for reading our 3 part series on how to become a better bowler. AND AS ALWAYS BOWL GREAT- MIKE CALHOUN

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