Decrease Your Grip Pressure & Increase Your Bowling Scores

Squeeze The Bowling Ball Less And Score Higher

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Today we are gonna talk about grip pressure and how it’s a huge factor in your game. Did you know improper grip pressure can cause you to be inconsistent, in turn, give you false results of ball motion? Everyone squeezes the bowling ball at some point, but it is the correct amount and it will vary between each bowler. This is another reason why it is so important to have a proper and comfortable fit. This will ensure you can repeat and execute shots when you need to at a high level consistently.

Bowling Ball FIT:

This is the most important factor in consistency and repeating shots. Each ball in your bag or arsenal should feel identical, this will help your ball progressions and executing in high-pressure moments. I can not stress the importance of a proper fit!  Hopefully, these few tips and articles from my personal experience can help.


Lower grip pressure is a known factor in improving your consistency and execution of your release. Basically you want your fit to imply that your ball sits properly on your hand. This will limit the amount of pressure needed throughout your swing to keep the ball on your hand. Tape is an amazing accessory that is often misused or overlooked. Each bowlers hand is different so the tape inserted into any of your holes in your ball could vary from the next guy. Layering systems for tape are valuable and can be extremely useful for inserting tape to ensure a proper fit. There are so many tapes on the market today, they have something for every bowler. Insertion tape for inside your holes, or application tape for your thumb, fingers. It is extremely important that your pro shop understands how your hand and body should work together. Flexibility, range of motion, all can be important factors on limiting squeezing from start to finish. This will protect your hand from sores, soreness but also enhance your scores and dial in your arsenal for you to compete at the level you want.
Well thank you for reading and as always i hope this helped you gain some important knowledge and understanding to improve your game.

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