Using Tempo & Timing To Help Your Bowling Game

Bowling Tempo And Timing For Better Bowling

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

Today lets talk about tempo and the various acts that go into dialing your own personal cadence, so the movement of your feet and your arm swing are in perfect harmony, that is what we call tempo.

So we now know what tempo means now let’s talk about the other major factor we have to consider, timing. Tempo is the most important thing when you are executing your approach it tells us where our feet must be in relation to our swing to conduct and execute the shot we desire. Basically it harmonizes our motion to the foul line, your swing is a dance rhythm and your feet are the cadence that keeps you moving. The feet are the foundation of the tempo, followed by your swing that creates your timing aspect. When these two come together properly it is a form of art, and when you execute your shot as intended you get the feeling that everything comes together as one. THAT IS BOWLING everyone dances to a different tune, some slower some faster, some have more steps than others, some are said to have late timing or early timing. None of these matter in relation to you, tempo is our own cadence. It is an art to coordinate these two actions to execute the same shot repeatedly over and over in a game.
Some of us bowlers have more physical limits than others, so you will have to rely on your own personal and natural rhythm and cadence. This will take some trial and error, try 5 steps, 4 steps, move up or back on the approach. Try various motions, speeds and once you find it you will know. Remember every bowler is different, I know we spoke about the pre-shot routine in an article a few weeks ago and how important that is. Now lets factor the pre-shot routine, your approach, your swing, your rhythm and visualize all of them before you execute your shot. Feel the shot, see the shot, and execute the shot with trust.
I hope you enjoyed this article, and have a better grasp on how tempo and timing go hand in hand and how to optimize them both for consistency and ease of repeat for each shot you perform.

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