Basics Bowling Tips To Help Beginner Bowlers Score Higher

Basics Bowling Tips For Bowlers Starting Out

By BowlersMart IQ Metro Detroit Head Instructor – Mike Calhoun

I see you went bowling, you enjoyed it enough to laugh, smile and have fun but when you were bowling you really didn’t have a reference or starting point. You just grabbed the ball and went so let me shed some insight that will help you on your next time or even for your first time bowling.

Finding a Bowling Ball That Sort of Fits

One of the most overlooked items, when people go bowling, is finding a house ball that fits…sorta. 90% of you will not find a bowling ball that is close to fitting properly and not having a good fit will make it near impossible to score or keep the ball on target. Imagine trying to golf with mini golf clubs, or using a wiffle ball bat to hit a real baseball, it literally is on this level of impossible to score with a house ball for most. I hear it all of the time when people come in tot he store, saying they’re not any good, but in reality, they have never had a chance because of the disadvantage of never having a properly fitted bowling ball. Investing $70 – $100 on a bowling ball would be the best investment you ever make if you want to have more fun and beat your friends! A simple plastic bowling ball will last a lifetime and in the scheme of things is a cheap investment.

Where To Stand When Bowling

The common thing I witness is the first time or every once in awhile bowler is unaware where to start, unaware of the proper beginning body position to give them the best experience while they are enjoying this amazing game. So if you are one of these bowlers or just looking to go back to basics here is something I have put together.

Using The Dots On The Bowling Lane

If you notice there are two sets of dots on the approach, some centers have 5 and some have 7. These dots are spread out in zones of every 5 boards (that will come into play later). For this point of reference, we will be using the big dot or center dot as some refer too, also known as board number 20. So a good starting point for right-handers is to place your left foot on the big dot and left-handers do the same with your right foot. Right-handers take your right foot and move it behind your left foot around 2-3 inches or whatever is comfortable. Left-handers take your left foot and do the same. Now, this is just a reference to help as we move forward so keep an open mind, some of you will alter this because every bowler is different.

Body Positioning While Starting Your Bowling Approach

Your body position should be relaxed and balanced. Bend your knees slightly and just focus on being free and loose. Keep your head up and still and leave your eyes on the target. Keeping your head still is extremely important because our body tends to follow our head movements. The last thing we want is to not have too much movement during our approach and during our swing. The extra un-needed movement will make consistency and being able to repeat shots more difficult.

Thank you for reading, I really hope this helps all of you.


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2 thoughts on “Basics Bowling Tips To Help Beginner Bowlers Score Higher

  1. dianne day says:

    every ball no matter the drill hooks sharp for me, and some times it starts the hook half way down the lane and u know what that means 7 pin, i /ve never found one to be in love with,i like one i can control,i have always threw a 14 lb. finger tip,also need a 3 ballbag,so give me lots of advice

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