The Rant Episode 1: Cecil Scarboro “The VISE Guy”

interview with Cecil Scarboro “The VISE Guy”

Chris Beans interviews Cecil Scarboro, Vise Inserts PBA & PWBA Tour Rep in Episode 1 of “The Rant”, the newest bowling talk show! Great stories about popular PBA/PWBA players and in-depth insight into professional bowling! Coupon code: RANT10 Good for 10% off on Coolwick and all Overseas items at Bowlersmart!

Cecil Scarboro VISE, Inc PBA and PWBA Tour Representative and Technical Adviser

Cecil’s Coaching Company – N-Cyt Bowling and Technical Solutions LLC

Email – ncytbowling[email protected] 

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One thought on “The Rant Episode 1: Cecil Scarboro “The VISE Guy”

  1. Patrick Ramsey says:

    Thanks Cecil for the podcast! And greetings from Detroit…. Are you still enjoying Scooby Snacks on the road?

    P.S. Been using VICE grips for 20 years and the IT for over 5 years and love them both!

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